Lake Superior


Lake Superior is a magical place for me, I am frequently pulled to its shores by a craving I can’t explain. If it has been a while since I have visited I feel the need to see it again and refresh my memory of the sensations it gives me.

Being near a great lake is powerful on its own. The history of the region and the scars the lakes have filled are inspiring to say the least. Superior itself has a long history of trade and travel, and supporting many peoples.

I draw a lot of inspiration from this lake so I made two versions of this piece, one is a large statement choker and the other is more of an everyday memento. I really enjoyed bringing some of Superior’s details to life in each version and I treasure them both. When I am away from the rocky shores of Superior this pendant transports me there in my daydreams.

Keep an eye out for its siblings, which are currently in the designing stages and wear this pendant as a symbol of your own love of this great lake.

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