Mount Everest

A symbol of challenging and lofty goals, an insurmountable peak for the typical human. It’s a powerful representation of the things we crave as people, it’s there as a testament to strength, beauty and perseverance. I made this pendant based on the very top of Mount Everest so I could get good detail into it and make it a dramatic looking piece. This pendant is not just for mountain climbers or daredevils, but also for travelers and lovers of nature’s great creations, for people who have surmounted great challenges or trials, or those who are still staring those trials in the face, and for people who want to be reminded of how great and powerful a presence these landmarks are.

DSC06152Mount Everest topographical pendant. Made of Argentium Silver with a sandblasted finish.

Lake Harriet

Lake Harriet Pendant

This is lake Harriet, a shining spot in the community of South Minneapolis. One of the larger lakes from my chain of lakes earrings, lake Harriet is a popular spot for all sorts of events and everyday activities. It’s a well known lake for anyone who has lived in the Twin Cities. The shape of the outline and the interesting bathymetry of it made a great pendant with little details you have to lean in for.

DSC06134Lake Harriet Pendant. Made of Argentium Silver with a sandblasted finish.

Lake Calhoun

Lake Calhoun is a buzzing hub in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. It’s surrounded by great restaurants, towering apartment buildings, and the bustling streets of the popular uptown area. Many people spend every day interacting with Calhoun in some shape or form, whether it’s running, biking or walking around it, sailing or kayaking on it, visiting the beach or simply sitting nearby and admiring it’s beauty. Minnesota is truly the land of lakes, proven by our core cities being built around them. I can almost smell the fresh outdoors when I think of it.

DSC06130Lake Calhoun pendant. Made of Argentium Silver with a sandblasted finish.

Wirth Lake Pendant

Wirth Lake Pendant

Such a tiny little spot on the map, Wirth lake is a little nugget of peace and quiet in the northwestern parts of Minneapolis. Nestled in Theodore Wirth park, this little lake is the topper on my lake chain earrings. I love the simplicity of it and find that it’s one of my favorites as a pendant.

DSC06139Wirth Lake pendant. Made of Argentium Silver with a sandblasted finish.

Cedar Lake Pendant

Cedar Lake Pendant

I can’t help feeling like Cedar lake always reminds me of a weirdly shaped person with the little arm and foot shapes and some kind of crazy hairdo. This was a fun one with it’s two windows to the bottom. It sits alongside Lake of the Isles in the chain of Minneapolis lakes and it’s often overlooked if you don’t live nearby. Very similar to it’s neighbors in Minneapolis however, Cedar lake is as beautiful as the rest.

DSC06147Cedar Lake pendant. Made of Argentium Silver with a sandblasted finish.

Grand Canyon Pendants

Grand Canyon Pendants

The topographic map of the Grand Canyon is an amazing piece of cartography. I spent a lot of time with this map, tracing intricate canyon walls to make a set of six pendants. The pure power and majesty of this amazing national park must truly be seen with one’s own eyes. To me, words will never do it justice. These pendants are an homage to the landscape and the feel of it’s overwhelming beauty. If you have experienced the Grand Canyon and wished to take a piece of it with you, then here it is.

DSC06159The topographical elements of the Grand Canyon, captured in an elegant pendant. Series of 6 available, made of Argentium silver with a sandblasted finish.