Ridge Earrings

A fully customize-able pair of mountain ridge earrings, these resemble areas of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Contact me to get started on your custom location!


This little pendant was a custom anniversary gift. The silhouette is based on the hills around Bisbee, AZ and their wedding date is along the bottom edge in roman numerals. It was a great little token and a really fun project!

Clam Lake

Clam Lake pendant from Siren, Wisconsin.

I made this pendant for one of my oldest friends. She has a cabin on this lake where we spent many summer weekends as we were growing up. We still make an effort to get out there at least once a year with a cluster of close friends.

While the cabin has always been a great little oasis for us, out in the near wilderness (as close as it can be to wilderness in Wisconsin), it has also been a place where her family has spent countless hours. Cabins are a special place for us here in the Midwest; they allow us to get out of the city for a while and breathe the fresh air.

If you have a cabin that you love visiting every summer, or have fond childhood memories of, get in touch with me. Making pieces of your fond memories is what I do.

White Bear Lake

This is a pendant of White Bear Lake, a well known spot in the Twin Cities metro area. It is one of the larger lakes near the cities, a great spot for all kinds of recreation. White Bear Lake and the city of White Bear also have a very long history, both for Americans that settled in the area, and for the Dakota and Ojibwe that used to inhabit the region. The legend of White Bear Lake tells the story of two lovers, one Chippewa, the other Sioux. The Chippewa Brave saved the Sioux woman he loved from a white bear on Manitou island where they usually met, but was himself killed by the bear. According to “Indian Legends of Minnesota” by Mrs. Carl T. Thayer, as the Sioux people came to his rescue “they saw the brave sink his knife into the bear. But too late, they both fell to the ground dead. Slowly, as they watched, the spirits of the brave and the bear rose from their prone bodies. It is said that even today, as night falls, the spirits of the bear and the brave wander the Island eternally in search of each other.”

The contours of this lake are so appealing to me on many levels, I’m so happy with how it turned out and hope that it helps to embody all the history and beauty surrounding this unique lake.



Mille Lacs Lake

Mille Lacs is a large gem in the middle of Minnesota, a heart of cabin and lake lifestyles. The way the two deep spots turned out like windows really make you want to get a closer look. If you have spent any time in, on or around Mille Lacs then I’m sure you have already fallen under its spell. A beloved spot for any outdoorsy person, this pendant must be calling your name.